Evan Wong graduated from Sydney Boys High School, receiving the Premier’s Awards for All-round Excellence. He is currently studying a combined degree in Commerce and Law at the University of New South Wales.

At university, Evan continues to excel in his studies, maintaining a Distinction average and being awarded the UNSW Business School Deans’ List for Academic Excellence which places him in the top 5% of students in the Business School. Further, he is involved in an array of extra-curricular activities including Squad Leader in the esteemed Yellow Shirts program, Publicity Coordinator for CONTACT information service, Shack Tutor for disadvantaged students, leader for the Business Society orientation camp, Marketing Director and also Vice President for the Business Society, all of which illustrates his commitment to develop his leadership and communication skills.As the founder of HiRe Education, Evan is the author of almost all of the resources used in the preliminary and HSC physics and chemistry courses. He has also gained extensive tutoring experience having taught over 200 students of all levels and schools, including international students.

Often described as a kind, outgoing person of high integrity, Evan’s success as a teacher not only comes from his ability to effectively communicate complex ideas in a simple and comprehensible way, but his dedication and genuine care for his students and their development. With a passion for teaching and growth, Evan is a role model, friend and inspiration to his students throughout their time at HiRe and beyond.


Shubash graduated from Sydney Boys High School, earning the Premier’s Awards for All-round Excellence. Shubash represented the school in a variety of sports including cricket, rugby, soccer and hockey. In 2012, he was elected as the Community Services Prefect of the school, and as part of his duties, he led a variety of awareness and fund raising activities, helping to raise over $100 000 for a variety of charities in 2012. In 2011, Shubash was awarded the Premier’s Diamond Award for his services to the community and in 2012 he was presented an award for Special Services to the School. Shubash also participated in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, building valuable life skills such as teamwork, endurance and perseverance. Shubash is currently studying Medicine at the University of New South Wales.He carries on his passion for contributing to the community by partaking in events such as Starlight Day, raising money for children’s hospital, and the Amazing Raise, a Medical Students’ Aid Project initiative to raise money for medical supplies to be sent to developing nations.

As a teacher at HiRe Education, Shubash is willing to go beyond the classroom in order to help his students maximise their marks and understand the course. Furthermore, Shubash is always willing to lend a helping hand outside physics and chemistry to ensure that his students are comfortable with all aspects of their school life and maximise their high school experience.


Minwoo graduated from Sydney Boys High School. Minwoo’s ability as a team player and visionary leader is shown in his involvement in high school football as well as being the team captain for basketball in 2010. Minwoo’s caring and gratuitous nature is reflected in his extensive involvement in volunteer work, including Clean Up Australia, Convo@Clevo (aimed at assisting ESL students learn English), Boggabilla fundraising and an active commitment to donating blood. He is currently studying a combined degree in Commerce and IT at the University of Sydney.As a teacher at HiRe, Minwoo’s greatest asset is his passion for physics. As a result, students are always engaged and involved in his classroom, and develop their own passion for the subject. Minwoo is unafraid to go beyond what is required of him to ensure that all his students understand and are comfortable with what they have to know. This is complimented by his genuine care for his students, which may involve assisting them outside the classroom. His greatest motivation comes from his desire to enlighten students to become curious about the world around them and how things work, and his drive to become a life mentor to ignite positive change in people.


Zafar graduated from Sydney Boys High School, earning the Premier’s Awards for All-round Excellence. In high school, Zafar represented the school in a variety of sports including cricket, rugby, soccer and hockey. He was also elected as Prefect of the School and was an ardent debater throughout his schooling. As part of the Community Services Executive Committee, he organised and participated in a range of fundraising activities like the Salvation Army’s Door Knock Appeal which earned him the Premier’s Diamond Award for Volunteering. He also takes immense satisfaction in his Duke of Edinburgh experience, where he proved to himself that sheer determination is key in overcoming many of the challenges that we are presented with day-to-day.Zafar is currently studying Medicine at the University of New South Wales. He carries on his passion for helping the community by continuing to partake in fundraising events like Starlight Day and the Medical Student’s Aid Project events.

As a teacher at HiRe Education, Zafar is always eager to impart what he knows and is very active in his methods. In class, he encourages strong student participation to help them develop their own ways to conceptualise and internalise what they learn. With unstoppable zeal, he puts in the hard yards with the student in the classroom, to ensure that when exam time comes, they are ready.


Brandon graduated from Sefton High School, achieving various awards for academic excellence in mathematics, science and writing competitions. His strong academic performance was also recognised by the school, earning him the Sefton Bronze Medallion Award. Throughout high school, Brandon was actively involved in co-curricular activities, representing his school in swimming and softball as well as organising volunteering programs such as Gala Day.

Brandon is currently studying Medicinal Chemistry at the University of New South Wales. He worked as a lab assistant in a microbiology lab at Nanosonics where he gained first-hand industry experienceconducting chemical tests, recording data, evaluating safety and operating machinery such as a force calibration machine.

Brandon is a chemistry teacher at HiRe Education and is the author of the HSC Shipwrecks resources. His willingness and determination to help others makes him a key candidate as a teacher at HiRe. His dedication to his responsibilities and drive for development is illustrated in his constant strive for success and hard-working nature. As a teacher, Brandon hopes to inspire his students to adopt his excellent work ethics, and above all, ensure that they reach success.


Raymond graduated from Sydney Boys High School. Throughout high school, Raymond represented the school in both football and rowing, allowing him to develop a strong foundation in teamwork and commitment to a common team goal. The integrity of his character and interest in the community is demonstrated in his frequent participation in charity events such as Daffodil Day and the Sir Roden Cutler Foundation. He also undertook many leadership roles involving the development of younger peers such as being a peer support leader, peer mentoring leader, debating coordinator and being a part of the hall coordination committee. Raymond is currently studying Dentistry in Griffith University. Raymond is the Research and Development Coordinator at HiRe Education. His primary role is to write and edit student and teacher resources.This involves the continuous refinement of the resources to ensure that they are of the highest quality for students and writing guidelines for teachers to ensure that lessons run as smoothly as possible.

Inherent in his personality, Raymond loves exploring new approaches and taking the initiative to solve problems. His natural instinct to verify information that is presented before him and meticulous approach with fine details compliments his role as the R&D; coordinator. Furthermore, Raymond is often the source of innovation and support, always suggesting improvements beyond his role.