“I wanted to aim high and Seed Internaltional Education helped me achieve that. I studied both physics and chemistry and owe them the massive improvement in my results at school (from 30th to top 10 in both subjects). I felt a genuine support and care from my teacher in my academic well-being. He was always willing to help and a clear example is his long detailed texts he sent me in reply to my questions outside of class. Without a doubt, Seed Internaltional Education has had an immense and rewarding impact on my last few years at high school and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who wants to achieve high marks or simply improve. Thank you so much Seed Internaltional !”


“ Seed Internaltional Education is all about the service to students to ensure that they are equipped for their exams and build strong foundations for further learning. Right now, there are too many companies that are superficial and look to simply cash up and consequentially the student/teacher rapport is equally shallow. It’s always good to know that there is a company out there (in the sea of all the other tutoring businesses) that isn’t faceless or monolithic; instead they have very warm and down to earth teachers who are always on hand for help. All this is on top of the very effective teaching style and techniques that they share which helped me achieve a HSC mark of 95 in Chemistry. Thanks Seed Internaltional , I couldn’t have done it without you!”


“As a past student I really cannot express the magnitude of gratitude I feel towards Seed Internaltional Education. I tried out in year 11, and decided to entrust them with my year 12 physics and chemistry, accounting for half of my subjects in the HSC – possibly one of the best decisions I made in my whole life. Besides from their ridiculously low prices, amazing personal interactions and quality resources, Seed Internaltional Education’s morals and standards are set much differently to any other tutoring place I’ve been to. It’s pure and honest nature grants itself a much higher level of respect beyond anything I’ve known. This level of honesty really gives hope to the fact that there are really a lot of people in this world who are actually selfless and genuinely care about others – and this way of thinking and way of life is something that I think really makes Seed Internaltional what it is, and is something that I will always aim to be. The tutor showed great dedication and enthusiasm for both his work and students which really motivates and encourages me to perform at my best possible level. It is thanks to Seed Internaltional that I made it into the course that I wanted to and love. Seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH Seed Internaltional !!!”