At Seed International Education, we aim to inspire students to become the best that they can be. Through fine example and integrity, we hope to mould within students motivation and perseverance to work towards a purpose and character.


Continual personal development is a core principle that is strived towards at Seed Internaltional Education. This extends beyond studies and may include developing talents, leadership and communication skills or social abilities. At HiRe, we encourage the mentality to seize opportunities and to continuously pursue growth. Remember, there is never an end to learning and development.


Passion is a big part of seed international education. It is a powerful force that drives people to do their best not because they have to, but because they want to. Do what you love and love what you do. Follow your passion and success will always follow.



We emphasise clarity and precision. Whether it be in our verbal communication of ideas or the content in our work booklets, we take a straight forward and easy-to-understand approach.


We keep our classes interactive. This stimulates students to take an active role in their own learning despite being tutored. It also keeps classes engaging and fun. Beyond the HSC, it promotes discussion and communication skills that are invaluable to any person.


We ensure that our services stay personalised. This means catering for individual needs and providing additional help to those who need it. Personal service is something HiRe will always strive to maintain.


We develop and utilise top tier resources. The largest investment made in HiRe thus far is undoubtedly the time invested in developing and editing the resources. Students have described these as being the ‘bibles of chemistry and physics’.



A 10-15 minute quiz is given at the beginning of each lesson to test what was learnt last lesson. It is used as an incentive for students to revise what was learnt as well as identifying misunderstood concepts which are then corrected.


The majority of the lesson is spent learning off the theory booklets. Lessons cover every BOS syllabus dot-point including concepts, experiments and research tasks.


Homework comprises of exam-style questions which allows students to understand how the theory that they have learnt in class may be applied in exams. Of course, it also gives them regular practice at answering exam questions. 

Homework is non-compulsory as we believe that senior students should be able to prioritise their own work to produce the most effective outcome. However, if homework is handed in, it will be marked and students will receive individualised feedback from the teachers.