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Compiled by Morag Gamble, SEED International

Please note: This page is in constant development. Please send an email to if you would like to add or change contact details.


SEED International: Sustainability Education and Ecological Design, QLD, Aus:
Co-founders and QLD co-ordinators of the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network. International educators for Permaculture and ecovillage design, community food systems and sustainable community/village/neighbourhood development. Morag Gamble and Evan Raymond.

Crystal Waters College:

Crystal Waters;

The Island School, Bahamas (PDC & Eco-building school Feb 2003):

Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales:

Schumacher College, UK:

Findhorn Foundation:

Ecovillage Training Center, The Farm, USA:

Occidental Arts and Ecololgy Centre, CA USA:
Education centre for organic farming and gardening, edible garden education for teachers, permaculture


Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network:

Australian Community Foods:
Comprehensive site containing links to community garden, community-supported-agriculture and other community food initiatives.

Canada's office of Urban Agriculture:

The American Community Garden Association:

Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens UK:

National Association of Farmers' Markets UK:

Brisbane Organic Growers Inc, Aus:
Using mulch; herb sprays; compost; food tips; predators and more.

Canberra Organic Growers Society
A site with lots of authoritative, useful information on organic gardening.

Environmental Technology Centre, Murdoch University, WA, Australia:
Research and development of renewable technologies and sustainable living solutions. Contact with community.

CERES Community Environmental Park:

Balcony Gardener:

Center for Urban Agricutlure, USA,

Fairview Gardens:

F3: Foundation for Local Food Initiatives:

Soil Association, UK:
Leading campaigning and certification body for organic food and farming in the UK. Excellent resource for information on local food links, box schemes, farmers' markets etc in the UK.

Henry Doubleday Research Association:
Europe's largest organic membership organisation. Info about gardens, what is organic gardening? what is organic food? scientific research; info and education; guides and factsheets; schools organic network.

Slow Food Movement, Italy:

International Society for Ecology and Culture, UK/USA:
International non-profit organisation that promotes locally based alternatives to the consumer culture - local food systems, community supported agriculture, Local Food Roadshow, Roots of Change study circle pack, Ladakh Farm Stay.

Sustain: The Alliance for Better Food and Farming, UK:
Alliance of over 100 UK public interest groups relating to food, agriculture, health and welfare of people and animals

Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, India:
Directed by Vandana Shiva, working to inform the debate on biodiversity, food security, globalisation, patenting and sustainable agriculture, particularly in regards to implications for the Third World

Via Campesina, Honduras:
International farmers movement which co-ordinates peasant organisations of small and middle scale producers, agricultural workers, rural women and indigenous communities from Asia, Africa, America and Europe.

Farmers Market Federation NY:

Farmers' Markets of Southern California

Food First

Food not Bombs:

Food Systems Project:

Green Guerillas:


Grow With Your Neighbors Program

Homeless Garden Project

Just Food

Local Harvest

Making a Garden as a Community Project Robyn Van En Center for CSA Resources: Rooftop Garden Resource Group. SLUG: San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners: Sustainable Communities Network The Food Project The Food Trust Urban Harvest


Permaculture International:

Permaculture at Crystal Waters: (Morag and Evan)

Tagari (Permaculture Institute & Publications)

Bill Mollison:

International Permaculture Conference Feb 2004 Auckland New Zealand :

Green Harvest, QLD Aus:
Green Harvest supplies organic seeds, tools and books. Their site has useful information for the home grower, including the online seasonal newsletter Green Notes.

Santa Fe Permaculture:

Permaculture Association UK:

Permaculture Drylands Institute, USA:



Seed Savers Exchange:

Seed Savers Network, NSW, Aus:
Seed Savers is a community-based, national membership organisation of gardeners who preserve the biodiversity of our agricultural plants by saving and exchanging non-hybrid seed.

Plants for the future, UK:
Plants For a Future is an online searchable database of over 7000 plants. The organisation is a resource centre for rare and unusual plants, particularly those which have edible, medicinal or other uses.


Center for Ecoliteracy CA, USA:
Founded by Fritjof Capra - supports edible schoolyard projects and school-community catchment restoration work

Edible Schoolyard Project:

Learning through Landscapes: Eco Schools:

Access to Farms/Farms for Schools:

Booroobin Sudbury School, Maleny:

Walking Bus:


Soil and Health Association - Organic NZ:

Fair Share International:

Ecological Footprint, Redefining Progress:

Third World Network:

London 21 Sustainability Network:

Urban Ecology:

Green Map System:

Earth Island Institute:

Schumacher Society:

WWOOF: Willing Workers on Organic Farms:,,

Society for Responsible Design:

ZERI, Zero Emissions Research Institute:

Bioneers, USA:

Global Ecovillage Network:,

Social Entrepreneurs Network:

Rocky Mountain Institute (Hunter & Amory Lovins), USA:

Action without

Communicate for a Sustainable future:


Internet Nonprofits Center:

Womens Environement Network:

Total Environment Centre, Sydeny:

Car Free:,

Smog Busters:


Ithaca Hours:

Permaculture Credit Union,

Maleny and District Credit Union:

Foresters ANA:

LEED Local Economic and Enterprise Development Co-op, Maleny, AUS:
Worker co-op dedicated to creating new micro-enterprises and employment opportunities in the sunshine coast hinterland. Diversification of local economy. Mentors, Peer Support Lending Scheme.

LETS:, ,,

Fair Trade & Living Wages:



Compost Toilets:


Reverse Garbage, QLD, Aus:

Community Arts Network, USA:



The Ecologist, UK:

Pacific Ecologist, NZ:

Renew (Magazine of the Appropriate Technology Association, AUS):

Resurgence Magazine, UK:

YES! A Journal of Positive Futures, USA:

New Internationalist:

Communities Magazine:

Cohousing Journal:

Positive News: news


Permaculture Magazine:

Permaculture Activist:

Hopedance Magazine, USA:

Earth Garden:

Green Pepper:

Independent Media Centre:


The Green Directory (Australia): 1300 301 585


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