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Morag Gamble and Evan Raymond of SEED International have assisted individuals, businesses, community-based organisations, and local and regional governments in over 15 countries, and offers a range of Ecoliteracy and Ecodesign Consultancy services.

We are available to facilitate the courses and workshops listed in this website in your region or country, and develop a program that meets the specific needs of your organisation and students.

We offer consultancy services in the following areas:

Community Food Systems
Workshops and information support for community food systems projects:
project visioning
ecodesign and site planning skills
identification of appropriate organisational structures and decision making processes
community garden and city farm development
practical permaculture gardening design and development skills
local economic strategies
fundraising and promotion creating
community partnerships involving the local community

Community Organisations
community and environmental education program development and delivery
community design facilitation and needs analysis
ecological design for landscape and buildings

Schools and other Educational Institutions
Sustainability Education and Ecoliteracy programs in schools
Teacher in-services
Sustainability Education programs for teachers
Environmental Camps and Field Trips at Crystal Waters

SEED International assists local and regional governments in the development of strategies which actively involve the local community in working towards sustainability.

SEED International offers an ecological design service to individuals, businesses and organisations which balances ecological, economic and human needs. We offer a design and advisory service for the following:

Ecovillage and sustainable settlement design
Design of urban and suburban properties
Design of rural properties

Land assessment
Walk-about eco-design advice
Conceptual design plans
Design implementation support
Ecological management of land, soil and water
Reduced maintenance and lower cost of inputs
Diversification and redesign of food systems to improve yields

Ecological Planning and Design Team
The core SEED International team is qualified in Landscape Design, Environmental Planning and Design, Environmental Management, Geographical Information Systems and Permaculture. Our network of experienced consultants bring skills including surveying, engineering, horticulture, farm forestry and ecology. Our consulting team is available for projects throughout Australia and around the world.

Permaculture Design Consultants
As Permaculture Design consultants we have broad ranging experience both in Australia and internationally. Our work has incorporated both large and small Permaculture projects - urban backyards, schools, city farms and community gardens, demonstration sites, community centres, bushblocks, rural properties, and a residential eco-development.

Below is a selection of ecodesign consultancy work that SEED International has undertaken.


Shalimar Eco Resort - conceptual village design and Council Application, Warwick Shire
Council Application to Council for development of Waterbreath Retreat Centre and Guesthouse, Crystal Waters
Land assessments for potential buyers of properties, Sunshine Coast
Urban garden designs and implementations, South East Queensland, Melbourne
Numerous Permaculture property designs, South East Queensland Numerous
City Farm and Community Garden projects, Queensland
Riverine Rainforest Walk, revegetation and environmental education project, Brisbane Endemic species arboretum, Brisbane

EUROPE 2000/2002

Organic Farm, design concepts for an ecovillage and ecotoursim on existing farm, Italy
Damanhur Ecovillage, ecological design advice for sustainable forest management project, Italy
Damanhur Ecovillage, ecological design advice for community supported agriculture project, Italy
Torri Superiorie Ecovillage, sustainable land management advice and permaculture training, Italy
Solaris, ecological design advice for advice for sustainability education centre, Italy
Wales National Botanical Garden, educational strategies, Wales
Ecohouse, ecological design advice for demonstration permaculture gardens, England

INDONESIA 1999/2000/2001/2002

Ekasari sustainable village development program development, Bali
Regional governement catchment management advice, Bali
Eco-homestays and eco-school advice, Bali
Eco-school advice, Bali
Conceptual planning for ecocentre and ecovillage in Bali
Eco-tourism network development advice for Bali
Jewellery Manufacturing Plant, environmental auditing, Bali

Sustainable Organisational System Design, Bali
Business establishment and advice, Microenterprise development, Environmental design consultants, Wastewater consultants.


Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden
The Organic Farm
New Territory School Garden Program

INDIA 1992/1995

Environmental Education
Eco-tourism program development
Seed-saving and sustainable agriculture project

Workshops around the world with SEED International in 2003

SEED International directors, Morag Gamble and Evan Raymond, will be teaching in many parts the world - Australia, the Bahamas, Cuba, USA, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy and other parts of Europe, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea.

If you live in these parts of the world, please contact us to see if we are offering a program near you.

Themes will include: Community Food Systems, Permaculture Design and Gardening, Ecovillage Design, City Farming and Community Gardens, Local Economics, Sustainable Community Development, and Permaculture in Schools.

If you would like SEED International to facilitate a workshop, course, seminar, talk or design charette in your local area, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can discuss the possibilities.


SEED International
Sustainability Education and Ecological Design

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Directors: Morag Gamble and Evan Raymond