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Permaculture Curriculum Project


SEED International offers engaging and participatory environmental education programs for university groups, TAFE Colleges and school students of all ages. These programs are individually designed to meet the needs of each group.

Visits can be from half-day workshops to weeklong camps. Annual camps are scheduled for Year 11 and 12 Geography groups as Permaculture is now an elective in the curriculum.

Program leaders: Morag Gamble and Evan Raymond

We can deliver these at Crystal Waters or your own venue.

(NB: Those only available at Crystal Waters are marked with *)

Select from the following modules:

  1. Introduction to Crystal Waters Permaculture Village
  2. Crystal Waters Walking Tour *
  3. Solar House tour *
  4. Ecological Footprint and the State of the World
  5. Introduction to Permaculture
  6. Introduction to the principles and ethics of Permaculture Design
  7. Learning from Nature
  8. Introduction to soil ecology
  9. Building healthy soil
  10. Mulching
  11. Erosion control
  12. Composting and worm farming
  13. Water conservation and management
  14. Water in the landscape
  15. Waste water treatment and use
  16. Making a Permaculture garden
  17. Plant propagation- new plants from old
  18. Seed saving
  19. Herbs
  20. Making a garden pond
  21. Creating a food forest
  22. Integrating animals into backyards and farms
  23. Bushfoods
  24. Riverine Care and Forest Regeneration Practices
  25. Management and design for wildlife
  26. Ecovillage design
  27. Sustainable community development
  28. Energy efficient design and healthy building materials
  29. Community Food Systems
  30. City Farming and Community Gardening
  31. Permaculture in Less Developed Countries
  32. LETS — local economies and complimentary currencies
  33. Localisation and globalisation
  34. Site planning and analysis
  35. Plan drawing techniques

Please contact us directly to plan an appropriate programme for your students.

SEED International
Sustainability Education and Ecological Design

50 Crystal Waters, Kilcoy Lane, Conondale, QLD 4552 Australia

Directors: Morag Gamble and Evan Raymond

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